Nothing happens till someone makes an offer


I came to a realisation over the weekend. I’m really starting to see why so many people are not succeeding online.

Even if you’ve got the right intentions , the right knowledge and the technical skills if you miss this one distinction then you miss the one thing that will cause massive results.

It’s a two part realisation – but first I have to ask you this question…

In order  to do  business in this world,  what  is the  one thing  you  need?  The  one  thing  you  absolutely, positively cannot  do without?

Have a think about it…

It’s not a business card. It’s not an office.

It’s not this month’s new iPhone version.

The core  of all business goes  back  to when  human  beings  first started trading  with each other, when cavemen traded a saber toothed tiger pelt in exchange for a new  club.

From the dawn  of history, all business can be boiled  down to one single  thing.

An offer.

That’s right. An offer. A quid pro quo.

The Core function of business

This for that.

You scratch my back,  I’ll scratch yours.

What does the ice cream  man offer? You give me money. I give you a refreshing treat.

What  does   a  banker  offer?  You  let me borrow your money, I’ll give you some interest and a safe place where marauders can’t steal it.

What  does  your  government offer?  You  pay us taxes, and we’ll protect you from the barbarian hoards.

Online what does Amazon, eBay and Paypal all do? They make us offers.

Business does not and cannot happen until someone makes an offer. It’s the mother of all business.

But… and here’s the thing… with so many offers being made how do you convince people that you’re is the one?

How do you sell yourself in such a way as to make your offer irresistible?

(that’s a trick question – the answer’s in the question!)

You make an irresistible offer.

If you don’t start with The Irresistible Offer as the prime focus of your  business approach, then  all  of the grand  concepts  and  marketing strategy in the world is not going to help.

It’s like buying a shed, putting a couple of stone lions on the porch and giving it a fresh shiny coat of paint… it doesn’t matter how good the paint job is – it’s still a shed.

But get your offer right and it’s like having a castle.

So even if your castle is painted ‘hot watermelon’ with flouro green gargoyles and astro-turf out the front 9ie horrible looking) – it’s still a castle and the value of it is still recognisable…

It’s still a solid foundation for your business.


So how do you start with creating an irresistible offer?

There are 3 things that you need to consider…

The first is Return on your customers investment.

Obviously you need to create a transaction where you both get something in the exchange so that you both feel happy.

The advantage of the online environment is that you can create a product once and sell it over and over again without incurring any cost.

For that reason if your customer is not coming away with something that is perceived as being of greater value than what they have paid for it then they have made a losing investment – negative ROI.

…and you are missing out on an opportunity to have them come back as a happy customer again and again…

Make them a really good deal and the job of selling just got so much easier.

The second point is the old marketing rule of having a great USP (a unique selling proposition) this acts as a touchstone that can separate you from the soup of other marketing massages out there – if you get it right.

Unfortunately most people do not get it right at all – far from it.

in as few words as possible you need to cover these points…

1. Here’s what we are selling

2. Here’s how much it will cost

3. Here’s what’s in it for you

4. Here’s why you should trust us

it needs to be simple. It needs to be clear. It needs to be brief, and it needs to highlight immediacy.

Basically it needs to say: Here’s a great offer and here’s a special deal for you that is so great that you’d be a fool to let it pass you by -

…and preferably it should also convey : and it’s only available right now)

and all in as few words as possible.

Admittedly – not an easy task.

However thanks to the wonder of Google adwords you can test 20 different versions and find a winner inside of 48 hours – an opportunity that has been available at no other time in history of business.

The third and final factor is believability. How can you make your offer so great but not trigger the “too good to be true” red flag in people’s heads.

Firstly it’s good to have proof. This comes in 3 forms.

1. Social proof in the form of testimonials from real people

2. technical proof in the form of scientific validation

3. factual proof which can be shown b demonstrating the research that shows what you are saying is true

You can use authority in the form of qualifications or awards to gain credibility or you can use endorsements from other authorities or high profile customers and in effect borrow the credibility of those people.

If you can start to get these factors into your offer then when it comes time to take your offer to the public you will have made your job as easy as possible. It doesn’t matter what you are selling, in what format or what the subject matter is…

…if you can get these factors working for you then your business will be a goldmine.

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MikeGNothing happens till someone makes an offer