Why you should blow off your new years resolutions

new years resolutions

Most new years resolutions are nothing more than a vague idea or wish and a weak hope that you will have the will power to keep doing it (longer than January) I strongly believe that there is a missing factor that the majority of people miss when it comes to making these work. Thinking.   Let’s face it it’s not …

MikeGWhy you should blow off your new years resolutions

Hit all your marketing channels in 1 single action

automating your online marketing channels

Take one action and hit all your online marketing channels on autopilot at once. If you are on the internet phenomenon list you will have received an email the other day about a service called IFTTT. I am loving this service right now because it’s allowing me to automate the posting of a single update to 10 or more marketing …

MikeGHit all your marketing channels in 1 single action

Automating Your Social Marketing


I love automating things that I have to do over and over… To that end I want to show you a brilliant service and give you a little instruction on how to get started with it… [I have some more detailed and incredibly useful things planned to show you next week so keep your ears peels and your eyes to …

MikeGAutomating Your Social Marketing

Press Releases for Page Rank PR4PR


Today’s lesson: Press Releases, Publicity and Page Rank   Did you see the new’s last night?  Was it shocking? Were you interested? Did you watch it all the way through?   No seriously – I’m asking you (because I don’t generally watch the news)   There are two reasons I tend not to watch the news.   1.     Much of it …

MikeGPress Releases for Page Rank PR4PR

You’ve been lied to

lies college professor tell us

The right way to think about your online business is not what people want you to think If at first you don’t succeed – give up. It’s the unspoken motto of most people, but no one wants to admit it because it’s well… a bit lame. We are a society of cheery pickers. We want the BIG WIN, The Hot …

MikeGYou’ve been lied to

Driving traffic with Pinterest

Making money using one of the most engaging social media platforms online – Pinterest “This guide will show you how you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site and how to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing” Explore the hot tricks you can use to find relevant groups to market to, and how to do safe affiliate marketing on …

MikeGDriving traffic with Pinterest

How to hack a billion dollars of revenue in 3 years

growth hacking

Distribution has become unprecedented. The rate at which consumers are adopting technology is unparalleled in history- and accelerating. And by adopting, I mean purchasing.   Consider this; it took over 45 years for 50% of US households to have a telephone, 15 years to have a cell phone, 10 years to get the Internet, 2 years to get the iPhone/iPod …

MikeGHow to hack a billion dollars of revenue in 3 years

100 headlines that beat out the rest

the perfect headline

Attn: Breakthrough New Swiss Scientist Discovers The Miracle Ingredient to Web Content That Will Make All Your Efforts 27 times more effective and 37% easier to get people engaged! * *Not statistically true – no such discovery actually occurred Headlines: You’ve all read them right? – More often than not there are the only thing you read of an article. …

MikeG100 headlines that beat out the rest

Copywriting Tips

Here are some free copywriting tips for you to learn and apply to your own business. Not only to your sales pages and landing pages but also use these ideas in your emails, your ads, your facebook posts and anywhere else you write where the public can see it. Download it here: copywriting tips   (this post was password protected …

MikeGCopywriting Tips

How to make your titles ‘Clickable’ and Viral

how to make titles and decriptions more clickable

Hi Guys, I’ve re-blogged this article because it’s brilliant – a serious look at titles and how they affect the actions people take when reading them. This is relevant for all your online activities from blog posts, to product descriptions, ebooks (including kindle publications), facebook posts and YouTube Vids. Read… and read again… And check out the author who obviously …

MikeGHow to make your titles ‘Clickable’ and Viral


Watch The Video Below To See All Kinds Of Examples Of What You Can Do CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE   Check out the intros and outros I made in just minutes with this cool video creator:   Pretty Cool hey? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE


The Biggest Secret To Making Money Or Selling Online?

How to find the right audience for your online business

What’s The One The Biggest Secret To Making Money Or Selling Online? Regardless Of What You Are Selling! My biggest source of traffic for any of my projects is Number 1 – email… But how did I build that list (and am still building that list?) I buy traffic. My second biggest source of traffic? _ I buy traffic via banner …

MikeGThe Biggest Secret To Making Money Or Selling Online?

BullsEye Ad Targeting – How To Do It

targeted adverting for your online business

Facebook’s ad targeting capabilities– currently very impressive– have actually simply gotten much deeper and will allow you to make more money with your only ad campaigns. Facebook revealed recently that soon enhanced Core Audience targeting options will be rolling out shortly, permitting online marketers to target Facebook users based upon location, market type, demographics, interest and off-site search behavior. What’s …

MikeGBullsEye Ad Targeting – How To Do It

How to get more ‘Likes’ to your pages.

website visitors how to

Creating Engagement For Your Internet Business Bob part 2: If you missed yesterday’s article / tips make sure you go read it now – it’s important and will make this make more sense. It’s not about whether it’s ‘like’s to your Facebook page or followers or subscribers to your web business blog or followers to your twitter account… this is …

MikeGHow to get more ‘Likes’ to your pages.

Are You Overcomplicating Your Online Business?

Online business Success

How Not To Overcomplicate Your Startup Web Business I have a private coaching client who I meet once a week to advise him with his online business. [for the sake of this email we’ll call him BOB] It’s only a new client but here’s the thing that I’ve noticed with him and that I notice with many people starting an …

MikeGAre You Overcomplicating Your Online Business?

How To Earn A Monthly Income Online With Kindle


How You Can Earn A Income Online Every Month With Kindle Books If you follow my writings about the real estate boom that we are in and are wondering how you can get involved then I want to throw you a curveball. I have plenty of people asking me how they can get involved in real estate and buy some …

MikeGHow To Earn A Monthly Income Online With Kindle